Privacy Policy

Xbox 360 Repair respects the privacy of its users completely. As you have probably noticed Xbox 360 Repair does not ask for any personal information from users whatsoever on this site. Users are able to use Xbox 360 Repair without registering, telling us anything about themselves, or signing in. Xbox 360 Repair believes that there are no plausible reasons for any site to require or even request that you provide them with any personal information whatsoever and suggest that you be extremely suspicious of any sites that do ask for (or demand) such information.

Xbox 360 Repair does regularly conduct a rudimentary log-analysis in order to determine how many users visit the site, which pages are visited, and similar information. Xbox 360 Repair regularly collects the following information by analyzing its logs:

  • Number of unique users (but not their identity; see also below)
  • Number of page-views for all pages at Xbox 360 Repair
  • Referrer reports, indicating which links users followed to reach Xbox 360 Repair (and, if they used search engines, which search terms were entered).
  • Host reports -- though these are used solely to identify search engines spidering the site. Note that host reports can not be used to identify individual internet users (at least not with our hard - and software).


Xbox 360 Repair occasionally collects the following information:

  • Domain reports, which allow us to identify the domains of users. This is generally only used to identify the countries of origin for users (and, in fact, only gives a general sense of user-nationality-demographics). Again: individual users can not be identified in this manner.

Xbox 360 Repair also obtains information from users through direct and voluntary contact initiated by users (through e-mail, links, and other avenues). Note that any information that users voluntarily provide (or provide in response to questions or statements by Xbox 360 Repair or any other party) to Xbox 360 Repair by other means -- including but not limited to e-mail, snail mail, fax, telephone, and personal communications -- may, however, be used on this site at the sole discretion of Xbox 360 Repair. This includes, but is not limited to: links, suggestions, critical comments, and words of praise.

Xbox 360 Repair does not burden users or their computers with those nasty "cookies". (Cookies are an unacceptable practice that are nevertheless prevalent even on sites that have no need for them (meaning, essentially, all sites).) Any information site, such as this one, should under no circumstances be cookieing you -- cookies are only acceptable if it is necessary to track a user, but there are very few acceptable reasons for tracking users (we certainly can not think of any).
Privacy Issues on the Internet

As a friendly reminder Xbox 360 Repair warns you that most sites do not provide much privacy and that information taken from you can and will be used against you -- sold to marketeers and advertisers and anyone who is willing to purchase demographic information from unscrupulous websites (and it is amazing how many websites can be unscrupulous, for the right price). We recommend the following:


  • Never deal with any website that does not have a clear, easy to find Privacy Policy (even if it is only one as banal and apparently benign as ours).
  • Be suspicious of any and all Privacy Policies -- including the one on this site. Ask yourself whether the protections claimed are plausible. And ask yourself what recourse you have if information you provide (willingly or unwillingly) to a site is handled in a manner contrary to that stated in the Privacy Policy. (It happens all the time.)
  • Avoid non-commercial sites that ask you to register in order to use them. While sites that sell you something have a need to know some of this information others can need it only for one reason: to sell your soul to advertisers.
  • If you have to register to use a site we suggest that where possible you lie regarding the information requested. Skew those demographics! They have no business knowing this information, you have no obligation to be truthful.
  • Turn on your cookie monitor in your browser and decline cookies where and when possible. Sites claim cookies make it easier for you to use their site, but most in fact work just as well without them. Only commercial sites have any even vaguely plausible reason for employing cookies -- and we do not think that even they do.